Rejection comes in many different forms. It can be scary, it can be emotional, but we can all agree none of us like it. Searching for a job during a pandemic is scary enough. Adding rejection to the equation adds a whole new level.

Are you scared of the whole career search process or what is waiting at the end of the road? I thought I would offer some insight, ways to break down rejection, and see what it really means. It would be great to understand how to overcome rejection. Maybe remove some of it’s sting.


Rejection simply refers to a feeling of shame, sadness or even grief that we feel when we are not accepted by others. It can make us physically lash out, it increases our anger, anxiety and can lead to depression.  Rejection also piggybacks on physical pain pathways in the brain. That’s why we truly feel it.


  • Allow yourself to understand why you were rejected, is it personal? Is it something else?
  • It may be the situation or not the right time. Timing is everything.
  • Realize your self-worth and value. You have a ton I am sure. I like to make a list of where I bring value. (this is great to take with you on the interview)
  • Not being offered the position is not personal. Emotion is one sided when it comes to interviewing. The hiring side of an interview is not an emotional decision. How the decision impacts you is emotional.
  • There may not be a role for you right
  • Choose to assume the best rather than the worst.
  • Always take care of YOU.
  • During poor hiring markets or in the case of a pandemic, we may need to submit more resumes and go on more interviews before we find a career “home”.
  • Never Give UP! Keep pushing forward.

Understand that no one is immune to rejection. Regardless of looks or status, we all go through rejection, its inevitable. Its how we deal with it that makes us stronger. Just keep taking care of you and no matter what, don’t give up.


Written by the BRES Team